Questions and answers


Q: How to reach an airport?

A: Shuttle bus number 4 (Right Bank - Airport)

Q: How much does it cost to leave the car at the airport parking?

A: There is a free car parking within walking distance from the terminal building


Q: Is there an online registration from Kaluga to Moscow?

A: Yes, on the airlines' websites.

Q: Do I need to print out my boarding pass in case of online registration?

A: There is no need. At the airport, you can print out your boarding pass at the check-in counter, at the airport. The place settled before will be preserved.

Q: I have pre – registered and picked a place. But, At the airport, I was told that the numbering of seats had changed and re-registered to another. Why did this happen?

A: This can happen if the aircraft has been replaced by the airline for another (with a different configuration of the seats)


Q: Tell us about the flights with pets.

A: Pets transportation rules must be specified in the representative office or on the airline`s website which is performing the flight.

Q: How many liters of alcohol can I carry in my luggage?

A: You can transport no more than 5 liters of alcoholic products with an alcohol content index from 24% to 70% in your luggage. The amount and volume of alcohol, the alcoholic index of which is below 24% - is unlimited. In any case, we recommend clarifying this information in the airline.

Flights and directions

Q: Are there any direct flights to St. Petersburg / Novosibirsk / Vladivostok / ...? Where can I find flight schedule?

A: Information about all flights you can find in the menu "Flight schedule", or by calling the airport reference service : 7 (4842) 77 00 07.⁠