People with disabilities

For passengers with deduced mobility the following services are provided for free on the territory of Kaluga International Airport:

- Meet at the entrance to the airport

- Providing a wheelchair or any other means of transport for temporary use on the territory of the airport

- Help with walking guide dogs

- Help with luggage registration

- Help with border, customs, sanitary, veterinary and other types of control, as required by the Law of the Russian Federation

- Help with boarding

- Personal meet and accompaniment by the staff upon arrival

- Help with navigation around the airport

At the entrance of the airport (on the right) there is situated a call button. Upon receiving a call, airport personnel is to arrive at the meeting point no later than 20 minutes.

Please ask for help in advance. It will help to make up an assistance plan, fully conforming to your individual needs.

If by any reason you have not informed the cashier about your special needs, or you would like to do it yourself, you can always contact the passenger carrying service:

By phone: +7 (4842) 77-00-07 By e-mail: At the terminal:

- You have priority check-in for all the airlines

- If you need a wheelchair for navigation around the airport or boarding, please inform the airport staff about it

- If necessary, airport staff will accompany you during waiting for boarding

- You have priority boarding, separately from other passengers

- If necessary, you can use service of the airport aid post

From the airport building to the plane:

- Boarding of passengers with deduced mobility is performed by the ambulance car

Upon arrival:

- You will be met by airport personnel and rendered assistance during unloading, receiving luggage and, if necessary, you will be accompanied to the transport.

- Uploading using wheelchairs is performed after all the other passengers leave the plane.

Travelling by electrically driven wheelchair, please take the following into account:

- Electrically driven wheelchair is registered at check-in

- Passengers, using electrically driven wheelchairs, are to have on hand a set of tools for detaching battery terminal and also a battery terminal packaging, according to Technical Instructions for the safe transport of dangerous goods by air (ICAO)

Please be informed that by the airport there are parking lots for disabled persons.

All the services rendered in the airport are provided in accordance with subclauses 1-5 of clause 7, article 106 of Federal Law d/d 19 March 1997 №60-FL “Air Code of the Russian Federation”.