“Kaluga International Airport” provides the services of cargo transportation by regular flights in the following directions:

Contact us to confirm the cargo transportation:

Tel. +7 4842 27-98-30 add. 274
Contact person – Borisov Nikita Evgenievich 

Conditions of the transportation of cargo: 1. The cargo should be packed by Customer so as not to allow any chance of getting into contents of the cargo, and the package integrity could be examined.
2. The dimensions of cargo must guarantee the easy loading and unloading, setting in the baggage-cargo compartment of the aircraft and its fastening.
3. The cargo must be accompanied with all necessary documentation.
4. The cargo must guarantee the safety of the aircraft, passengers and their property as well as not to inconvenience the passengers.
5. The cargo must be packed in accordance with its special qualities to ensure intactness during the flight and to avoid the possibility of causing damage to health, to other cargo or any property of passengers.
6. Every piece of transporting cargo must be marked and in some cases have special signs and handling instructions.


Max weight of 1 piece of cargo – 200 kg
To date, dangerous cargo, valuable cargo, alive animals are not transported.
Airline companies reserves the right to deny transportation of perishable freight in several directions.

The forwarding is carrying out in accordance with the cargo movement request. The Customer should fill in the form and send it to e-mail above-mentioned for advanced booking.

Cargo movement request form.