Rent at the airport

To the tenants

Thousands of your potential clients use the services of our airport. The passenger traffic is constantly growing, driving the need for high-quality goods and services that passengers can get at the airport, given that people spend a few hours at the airport. From our side, we try to meet the passengers’ expectations and present major and recognizable brands on the territory of the airport, and are also ready to consider any new, interesting and useful services for the passengers.

We are interested in expanding the service range for passengers and guests on the territory of the whole airport complex. That is why we invite experienced partners with good reputation, who are able to provide goods and services of the highest quality.

Information about available territories

Kaluga airport passenger terminal is constructed with account of placing commercial objects on its territory.

We will carefully consider proposals from the following companies:

- Brand items (food and non-food)

- Wending machines, payment terminals

- ATMs

- Check-in machines

- Souvenirs

- Car rent

- Ticket offices

- Print production

- Airlines offices

- Entertainments for children

- Selling spots of perfume, electronics, jewelry, toys, goods for travel, etc.

Advertisement at the Airport

Kaluga Airport complex is a modern and effective advertising space. Advertisement at the airport is one of the most fast-growing and effective areas of advertising service, providing a wide range of possibilities for promoting your business.

Advantages of advertisement positioning in the airport:

- The airport provides exclusive option to present the information to the certain target audience - active society members with average to high income level, who are the most attractive to the advertisers.

- Airport is not only passengers. It is traditional for our nation to meet and see off the relatives, friends, guests and business partners. The average quantity of people visiting the airport is at least two times higher than volume of passenger traffic. Waiting for the flight, passengers pay much attention to the information, placed on the territory of the airport complex.

We offer the following ad placement formats:

- advertisement in lightboxes inside the terminal and on constructions around the landslide

- placement of stands and desks

- branding of airside buses

- placement of hanging structures

- placement of automobiles and other technique

- video advertisement on monitors 

- advertisement on website

- extraordinary advertisement projects (floor graphic, luggage belts, etc)

- placement of magazines and booklets in the VIP-zone

Way of cooperation

5 steps to start business on the territory of Kaluga Airport:

- Contact our commercial department to arrange meeting to have a look at areas for rent.

- Create and approve the design project and all necessary documentation, taking into account the technical conditions of the airport.

- Prepare the salespoint

- Approve the start date with the landlord.

Start your business at the airport!