Safety policy
Flights safety is an absolute priority for “Kaluga International Airport” JSC.

“Kaluga International Airport” JSC management deems that providing flights safety is critical for business performance results and is the main criteria for commercial, operational and social processes that are held while performing production tasks.

The main goals in the sphere of flights safety are the following:

- Achieving a high level of flights safety, corresponding with international and national industry standards

- Cutting down the risks in production activities to the minimum

- Creating modern, positive safety culture among the employees in order to attract them to active participation in identifying and managing risks that influence flights safety

To achieve the mentioned goals “Kaluga International Airport” JSC management undertakes the following obligations:

- To provide a required amount of qualified personnel and financial, material and technical resources

- To comply with standards of Air Law of the Russian Federation, International Organization of Civil Aviation, “Kaluga International Airport” JSC standards of flight preparation and operation, industrial and environmental security, labor safety

- To constantly work at identification and rectification of dangerous factors in all the fields of work of “Kaluga International Airport” JSC

- To incorporate modern international requirements to maintenance of aircrafts, airports and personnel training

- To create system approach to identifying hazards and risk management to minimize potential extent of material, ecological and social damage

- To create non-retributive work environment

- To constantly develop the flights safety management system for its effective functioning

- To timely upgrade the Policy and communicate it to all employees and interested third parties

Flights safety policy concerns all the personnel of “Kaluga International Airport” JSC.⁠